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Zhongshan often wet weather, how to stomach it

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Zhongshan often wet weather, how to stomach it

The southern part of the country is very heavy and the air is very humid recently. I recently feel that I have no appetite for eating. I am especially hungry. I feel very upset when I have a bloated stomach all day. I live here in Zhongshan. How fast and effective do you have the stomach?

Recently, the stomach is not good enough, how do you need to stomach it? What should we pay attention to when the weather is wet recently? When I was pregnant last year, I was so hungry, I ate too much and I was fat. In September, my baby often coughed repeatedly. What medicine should I take?

I have been particularly hungry recently, hungry, chest like something, recently has been feeling particularly hungry, just a few minutes after eating, I recently particularly hungry, less than 2 hours after meals, it is difficult to starve.

Dampness in the air will aggravate the moisture of the human body! If you're wet, you'll have a bad appetite. Pay attention to your diet, and eat less sweet.

Drink some mung bean soup and so on! They do eat food with Chinese yam, can the spleen and stomach.

Hello, you belong to indigestion, should pay attention to a balanced diet.

Suggest you eat some "jianweixiaoshipian", use warm water to send medication. Under normal circumstances, you can take medicine half an hour before meals.

Eat less food during the period. In the usual time, pay more attention to your diet, you can eat millet gruel, or easily digested food.

Hello, according to what you have described, you can eat more fruit, apples, watermelons, oranges and so on.

All these help to digest the stomach.

Usually eat less spicy spicy food, smoking and drinking, daily life should be reasonable collocation.

Recommend a "slimming tea" of Chinese medicine, helps the stomach digestion and absorption.

I wish you had you healthy!

Hello, you should be stomach flatulence.

Need to slowly conditioning, I recommend a stomach health porridge "37 mountains" rice water gruel porridge as usual method.

Yam peeled for paste by peanut oil stir with a spoon melted into the spit, porridge are stirred to eating as soon as possible.

With Hello, introduce you to your stomach small coup,

The nutrition in milk is very rich, so to speak, milk is a perfect drink.

Milk also has good stomach effect.

The main function of milk is to make up the lungs and stomach. For yin deficiency, stomach pain has a very good role. I hope you can stomach health.

Hello, this is your diet, even cause stomach digestion, can eat some light food.

Diet should be regular. Drink some herbal tea to digest it for me.

Or can go to the local "Zhongshan Union Hospital" comprehensive examination of the body, I wish you early rehabilitation.

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