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Summer, moisture regain, we pay attention to what to prevent disease

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Summer, moisture regain, what to pay attention to what to prevent disease

Traditional medicine believes that the turn of summer and autumn, hot and rainy, moisture is heavier.
The dampness is too good to cause disease. Evil evil people hurt, there are internal and external points.
The external dampness is mainly caused by humid climate, sitting and lying wetlands;
Internal wet mostly because of eating a cold drink, engorge cold products such as cold, damaged body yang caused by.

Traditional Chinese medicine thought: the spleen can move and operate water wet. The spleen is happiness and evil.
If the spleen yang is invigorating, the spleen is healthy, water - skiing wet function is normal, damp is not easy to cause disease.
Conversely, the moisture is too heavy, after the illness, the patient often appears dizzy head top, limb acid lazy, body weight and pain, joint and extension disadvantage, chest depression, abdominal distension fullness, nausea and vomiting, anorexia, large loose stool diarrhea, thick tongue fur and other symptoms.

In order to prevent, reduce the evil caused by evil, must pay attention to the spleen. Only the spleen and stomach yang rouse oneself, can effectively resist the invasion of evil.

Therefore, in the summer and autumn, special attention should be paid to the ventilation in the bedroom and workplace.
After wading and rain, you should dry and change your body in time.
When the cloudy water is cool, don't soak in the river water and swimming pool for long time, so as to prevent the external wet invasion of the Muscle.
To prevent dampness, do not eat too much raw and cold.
Diet should be light and easy to digest, avoid fat and heavy greasy and gluttony.
In addition, with lotus seed, tears, red beans, white hyacinth and other spleen and damp, moderate amount of food, can protect the spleen and stomach, dispel moisture.

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