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Is it related to eczema is it humid weather?

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Is it related to eczema is it humid weather?

Early this year, because of the work of the relationship, came to work in the south. I am from the north, always growing in the north.

Because the south climate is wetter, when it rains, the weather is wet, the quilt on the dormitory bed has become very wet because of the humid weather.

You will get a little red pimple, Strange, colleagues say that I like this symptom is eczema.

Is the wet body urticant is eczema? How to treat?

If you have a patient with a history of food allergies, must eat less seafood, lamb and other food, eat fruits and vegetables, avoid drinking and eat excitant food, avoid skin allergy, and cause dermatitis and eczema.

Treatment of eczema needs to keep the eczema area clean and clean. If the skin is not sensitive, you can often wipe the moisturizer.

Change clothes frequently

Pay attention to diet and do not eat foods that stimulate the recurrence of food.

Hello, exo is the condition of the environment, such as people who work in a humid environment for a long time, prone to eczema ( scrotum eczema ).

The skin of the scrotum is very loose very thin, if the high temperature, humidity and airtight environment, it is easy to produce eczema.

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