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What difference does arthritis eat Chinese and Western medicine

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What difference does arthritis eat Chinese and Western medicine

Arthritis is a more common form of chronic disease. According to medical statistics,

More than half of people over the age of 50 in China suffer from arthritis, 90% of people over the age of 65

Women and 80% of men suffer from arthritis.

The total number of Chinese arthritis patients is estimated at more than 100 million, and with the aging society,

The number is still rising, and arthritis has been called "deathless cancer" by China and the world",

It shows the universality and helplessness of its harm.

1 western medicine prescription

Glucosamine acts as a trophic cartilage

Under the guidance of a doctor, the use of glucosamine, the main role of nutritional cartilage,

Promote the regeneration of chondrocytes and produce more cartilage matrix in the joints,

And repair damaged and worn cartilage. In addition, also can be injected joint lubricant (sodium hyaluronate),

The main lubrication, so that the joint load when the damage to cartilage smaller.

Two, anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, the main role of anti-inflammatory and analgesic

The use of inflammatory analgesics in pain is one of the most commonly used therapies,

Because inflammation is a direct cause of pain, swelling, and dysfunction of the joints, so in many cases,

Had to go to the hospital for medical treatment. At this point, the treatment is mainly the use of various anti-inflammatory analgesics.

But now, all kinds of painkillers have some side effects in themselves, and most of the patients with arthritis are on the high side,

The resistance of elderly people to side effects is only 1/8 of that of young people,

Therefore, this treatment is not recommended for frequent use.

2 prescription of Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a drug specially used in traditional Chinese medicine. At present, acupuncture and massage have become the main trend in the treatment of arthritis.

The main reason is that

1, the treatment effect is relatively good;

2, no side effects. Now the treatment of arthritis of Chinese medicine is divided into two categories, one is oral Chinese medicine, and the other is external application of Chinese medicine.

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