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The cause of pain in the knee joint

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The cause of pain in the knee joint

(1) joint pain is divided into three stages,

First, cloudy day pain, slight pain on the walk,

Two, squat pain, walking steps pain.

Three, walking tore heart crack lung pain.

Two), morning stiffness in patients with early morning or rest after a long time, a kind of adhesive joint stiffness,

Activity can be relieved or disappeared. Cause serious morning stiffness limping, after the event can freely.

Three) swelling and tenderness of the joints often present with painful joints and are signs of synovitis or soft tissue inflammation around them,

The degree of inflammation varies depending on the severity of the inflammation. It can be caused by joint cavity effusion or synovial thickening.

Bony hypertrophy is more common in osteoarthritis, joint swelling and pain.

Four) deformity and dysfunction of the joint, loss of joint, normal shape and range of motion are limited,

Such as the knee can not be fully extended, hand metacarpophalangeal joints, ulnar deviation, joint subluxation, etc..

These changes are related to destruction of cartilage and bone, and are common in rheumatoid arthritis.

The common arthritis is divided into two major groups. One is rheumatoid arthritis, which accounts for 70% of the total, and the disease is manifested in large joints.

Two: rheumatoid arthritis, accounting for 30% of the total, the disease is manifested in small joints. The two kinds together, collectively referred to as rheumatic bone disease."

Why does the knee ache?

There is a layer of cartilage on the contact surface between the two bones of the thigh and leg, which can act as a buffer to protect the joints.

The human machine, after decades of operation, will always wear some of the cartilage in the joints.

Unlike bone, cartilage can regenerate, but it is difficult to regenerate once the cartilage is worn out.

The outermost periosteum of the bone and the surrounding synovial nerve are abundant without cartilage protection,

Bones grind when you walk, and they ache.

A lot of neck and back pain patients have such experience: the medicine did not eat, nor less treatment,

But all kinds of pain or repeated attacks, and even worse symptoms, serious impact on life, family, work.

Moxibustion therapy research center Liu said: "Shu will live blood circulation, wind cold coagulation is not destroyed,

The clinical symptom of meridian obstruction is a word "pain", and the cause of the pain is mainly cold coagulation,

The wind, cold, wet three kinds of pathogenic factors, the formation of Bi; and "cold; what is the" culprit "?

It is the obstruction of Qi that prevents obstruction of the muscles, meridians, joints and joints,

Muscle pain and swelling, hemiplegia, numbness and other symptoms,

The cause of the disease is "cold", because the cold coagulation is blocked, the pain is not painful, and the obstruction is painful."

Symptoms of knee and lumbar disease:

A backache: lumbar disease in more than 95% of the patients have this symptom, conscious patients with waist persistent dull pain, lie down, stand intensified.

Two, lower limb radioactive pain: 80% of patients had the symptoms, often appear in the back pain relieved or disappeared after.

It is characterized by radiation stimulation or numbness in the back of the waist to the thigh and the lower leg, leading directly to the foot of the foot.

Three, lower extremity numbness, coldness and intermittent claudication, lower limb numbness and pain associated with,

A small number of patients can be manifested as simple numbness, a small number of patients with lower extremities feel cold and cold.

Four, cauda equina symptoms: mainly in the central nucleus pulposus prolapse, clinical rare.

Can appear perineal ministry is numb, prick, defecate function obstacle. Women may suffer from urinary incontinence,

Impotence can occur in men. Severe paralysis may occur in the lower extremities.

Just like a cold winter in the north, a lot of stinking sewers gather and stink until the weather is fine,

Sun for three or four days, the water wet naturally dry. That is to say the key is to remove dampness cold body Yang move,

The lungs, the spleen, the kidneys and the three Zang organs are activated so that they can really get rid of. Free trial

Neck and shoulder pain moxibustion therapy medication and moxibustion in one ""

Many patients often use analgesics and hormone drugs, and minimally invasive surgery in the treatment of neck and back pain, side effects great,

It is easy to produce drug resistance, and long-term use will seriously damage the metabolism function of the spleen and stomach, liver and kidney.

TCM: neck and low back pain, it is the essence of the rheumatic diseases. Only from the basic symptomatic, it is possible to recover.

Neck and shoulder pain moxibustion therapy can stimulate endogenous drugs, strengthening immunity.

Local medication, percutaneous absorption, can play the role of promoting blood circulation, and make the rapid absorption of the drugs,

And stimulate the channels and collaterals, so that the body can produce more self-healing ability. Accelerate blood circulation, invigorate blood circulation and remove blood stasis.

Activate the meridian system and immune system of the body. Moxibustion therapy regulates the phagocytosis of leukocytes,

It is an endogenous drug that regulates the body's self healing immune system,

This kind of endogenous medicine and Chinese moxibustion therapy have their own exogenous drugs,

The lesion in the lesion area will be quickly removed and disappeared, and the normal condition of the body will be restored.

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