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Can arthritis be cured

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Can arthritis be cured

Arthritis is a rheumatic disease. It is harmful and difficult to treat.

Many patients suffering from joint pain speak of arthritis,

It feels like an abyss that never ends.

So, arthritis in the end can cure?

1. healthy joints, including strong bones, are formed mainly by essential minerals in the collagen matrix.

The joint contains a sac containing synovial fluid that protects the ends of the bones

The adjacent bones and cartilage are not affected because the synovial fluid can effectively lubricate the joints.

2., excessive joint fatigue and dietary imbalance can lead to acid constitution,

Cartilage is degraded in acid fluids,

The lubrication effects of synovial fluid will also become worse.

The loss of cartilage is present in both cartilage and bone,

Cause the ends of the bones to become unsmooth and form bony spurs (large skeletal processes).

Inflammation caused by this may limit the movement of joints.

3., acidic people will cause a lot of calcium loss,

Dysregulation of calcium homeostasis results in accumulation of calcium in soft tissues,

Cause muscular pain; the joints of the bones end in rheumatoid arthritis,

Fuse together.

The 3 point is the formation of arthritis.

Arthritis must be prevented early, with a solid foundation of health.

People who suffer from arthritis should not despair and actively cooperate with the following treatment,

Good health can restore health.

therapeutic method

1 drug therapy

The body can be treated by oral or external use of two types of drugs.

Because arthritis is a chronic disease, long-term use of Western medicine, it is inevitable side effects,

Therefore, the most commonly used Chinese medicine treatment is topical application of Chinese medicine, arthritis, wind dispelling kang.

Plaster therapy.

2 minimally invasive treatment

Minimally invasive technique, ozone nucleus pulposus ablation, injected ozone gas into the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc by fine needle aspiration,

The nucleus pulposus cells can gradually dehydrate and atrophy, and relieve the oppression of the nerve root so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.

3 massage therapy

Through manipulation, massage and treatment of arthritis, commonly used techniques:

Kneading and chiropractic method, take method, twisting method, wiping method, shaking method, rubbing method and joint motion method.

4 surgical treatment

Knee replacement is performed by replacing the knee joints with material that has undergone complete degeneration, wear and tear,

The joint has been worn to destroy the surface of the joint cutting to about 10mm thickness, to restore normal joint force line,

The artificial joint is then fixed to the cutting surface by means of cement.

This method may be considered for patients with severe malformations.

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