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Knee joint, bone joint, treatment method

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Knee joint, bone joint, treatment method

1 knee osteoarthritis is one of the common causes of knee pain in middle-aged and elderly patients,

With the aging of the population, the number and incidence of the disease will be more and more.

There are many methods of treatment. The total treatment can be divided into two major groups. First, conservative treatment,

The two is surgical intervention.

The former includes medications and rehabilitation; the latter includes arthroscopy,

Osteotomy and prosthesis replacement. There are many treatments,

It is difficult for doctors and patients to choose proper and reasonable treatment methods,

Especially patients. This article is only available for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee

Some instructional suggestions to help them choose the right treatment and treatment of the doctor.

2 what are the changes in the knee joints of osteoarthritis? Pain is most common,

At first, they often appear pain when they go up and down, or climb mountains, or appear after strenuous activities,

Relaxation after rest. With the progression of the lesion, the pain can become persistent, even without rest.

Limited joint motion is also a common symptom of osteoarthritis of the knee,

At the beginning of often appear as morning stiffness or sedentary, activity can be restored,

In the late stage, the limitation of joint motion is obvious, including range of motion reduction and squatting difficulty,

It is very painful when defecate, especially female patient when toilet is more inconvenient.

Some patients had joint friction sound, there are some patients appear weak legs,

Especially, it is easier to go up and down the road and walk along the rough road.

3 knee arthritis can be cured? Knee osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the cartilage initiation, articular cartilage biochemical abnormalities and structural damage, local damage is the result of cartilage softening, decreased elasticity, fragmentation and shedding. Peripheral lesions secondary to cartilage damage are subchondral bone sclerosis, cystic degeneration, synovial hyperplasia and bone hyperplasia around articular cartilage. In theory, in the early stages of the disease, if timely treatment of cartilage degeneration can be restored, but the fact is that there is no obvious lesions early clinical symptoms, so it is difficult to be found, once the clinical symptoms, lesions represent reached an irreversible degree. At present, tissue engineering research can not really repair cartilage, so it is difficult for the current knee osteoarthritis to achieve the purpose of self-healing.

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