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Manifestations and classification of arthritis

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Manifestations and classification of arthritis

The most common manifestations of arthritis are pain, swelling, dysfunction, and signs

Edema caused by joint pain and inflammation of the joints, resulting in limited joint motion.

Chronic arthritis is restricted by prolonged joint movement,

Permanent joint loss may result.

Different types of arthritis have different signs, including erythema, deformity and swelling of soft tissue,

Joint swelling and exudation, bony swelling, bone fricative, tenderness, muscle atrophy or weakness,

Limited range of motion of joints and compression of nerve roots.

1. laboratory tests

(1) general examination of blood and urine routine, ESR, C- reactive protein, biochemical (liver and kidney function, A/G), immunoglobulin, protein electrophoresis, complement and so on.

(2) autoantibody, rheumatoid factor, anti cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody, rheumatoid factor IgG and IgA, anti perinuclear factor, anti keratin antibody, antinuclear antibody, anti ENA antibody and so on.

(3) genetic markers HLA-DR4 and HLA-DR1 subtypes.

2. imaging examination

(1) X-ray film, X-ray film showed swelling of soft tissue, osteoporosis, articular surface cystic changes, progressive bone destruction, blurred joint surface, narrow joint space, joint fusion and dislocation.

(2) CT examination included joint CT and chest CT examination.

(3) MRI examination of MRI in the joints is helpful in the detection of early joint lesions in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

(4) ultrasonic joint ultrasound is a simple non-invasive examination, which has differential significance for synovitis, joint effusion and joint destruction.

3. special inspection

(1) joint puncture, for the examination of joint fluid, joint fluid, including synovial fluid culture, rheumatoid factor testing, and polarization testing, identification of urate urate crystals.

(2) arthroscopy and synovial biopsy are of great value in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of arthritis.

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