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How can you make a damp room dry

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How can you make a damp room dry

1. Use air conditioning to remove moisture. Most air conditioners now have this function.

Starting the dehumidification function of the air conditioner can effectively solve the humidity problem in the rainy and rainy period,

For television, computers and other "fear of" home appliances can also form a full range of protection.

2, when not using a computer or TV, it is best to make a protective cover,

Prevent the rear of the appliance from touching moist air. You can turn on these appliances more often,

The heat generated by the machine during operation can effectively dissipate moisture.

If the computer is too wet to light, you can turn on the machine,

Generally 10 minutes or so, the monitor can show again.

3, if it is humid outside air is too high, remember to close the window

If the house is too humid, to ensure room ventilation, you can use air conditioning, fan dehumidification.

4, if the walls are "sweat", the proposed purchase of desiccant dehumidifiers.

5, long-term humid areas, you can use the room built-in carbon or indoor and floor, lower berth bamboo charcoal,

Have a good effect on purifying balance and dust mite prevention and the humidity in the room air.

6. Don't keep anything indoors (flowers, birds, fish, worms, pets).

And so on, especially fish and various plants (including cacti).

7, in a relatively wet corner, put some lime (add some sand)

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