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What’s the room like

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What's the room like

The tide of the room seems always to be in a bad mood.

What exactly should I do? Here are some ways to teach you,

Drive out the humidity of the room and give you a wonderful life.

Methods: window ventilation.

This is the most common method. Because of the current security risks and other problems exist,

Many people are reluctant to open the window, must be at home,

Keep the windows open and keep the ventilation indoors, which is very helpful to reduce the moisture in the room.

Lime help.

Quicklime has good moisture absorption and disinfection function. Of course, for indoor cleanliness,

Surely you can't spill lime directly on the ground. It's so bad.

You can find some clean cloth bags, put the lime in it, and put it in the room.

Here is a way to find out clean old socks without wearing them,

Then put lime on it.

The dehumidification function of the air conditioner can be considered.

There are some air conditioners that have very good dehumidification functions. The room is very damp,

It's possible to turn on the air conditioner, but it will be power hungry and not very environmentally friendly.


For example, dehumidification bag, desiccant box, etc.. Buy it back and put it in the room,

They absorb moisture quickly. The suggestion is not used in the bedroom.

Install a dehumidifier.

Room downsun you, don't get into the sun. At the same time, the permeability is not very good,

The window doesn't open, it doesn't make much difference. In this case, try to buy a dehumidifier,

Use it to help you with your problems. But it will cost a little money,

Power consumption at the same time.

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