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Walls, appliances moistureproof

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Walls, appliances moistureproof

1, the wall damp, how to solve the problem?

Some hygroscopic substances, such as relatively economical lime (lump lime), are put in the room.

If it is humid outside air is too high, remember to close the window closed; if the house is too wet,

To ensure room ventilation, you can use air conditioning, fan way to dehumidification.

If the walls are "sweat", the proposed purchase of desiccant dehumidifiers.

Long term wet areas can be placed in the room with carbon or indoor floor with lower bamboo charcoal,

Have a good effect on purifying balance and dust mite prevention and the humidity in the room air.

Don't keep anything indoors (flowers, birds, fish, worms, all kinds of pets), especially fish and all kinds of plants (including cacti).

2, appliance moisture solution

(1) damp symptoms:

Difficult to start, short-circuit, leakage, unable to work, etc..

(2) moistureproof measures:

Dust, regular boot, and use of desiccant, home appliances fear of the most important reason for the tide

Is because of moisture causes bacteria breeding and leakage phenomenon.

So how should we deal with it? First of all, you should try to place large appliances in a ventilated position.

Some appliances, such as televisions, computers, etc., will have many small holes in the shell,

Over time, dust particles pass through these small holes into the electrical interior.

The wet weather condenses the water with the dust, resulting in electrical circuit breakers, electrical leakage and other problems.

In this regard, the user can use the hairdryer to the small hole around the appliance shell blowing up and down,

Scatter the dust and moisture inside the appliance. For a certain period of use of electrical equipment,

When a problem occurs, make sure that the professional maintenance personnel come to the home to clean and clean the dust,

Don't do it yourself in case the leakage is dangerous.

3, leather furniture wet solution

For cortical furniture, excessive moisture can cause rapid aging of leather.

Therefore, the home has cortex furniture, it is best to dust in the surface of its surface after the maintenance of special mink oil,

Sheep oil, leather oil, etc., so that not only can soften the cortex, but also moisture-proof, anti mildew;

Metal furniture should be scrubbed with a damp cloth and a soft detergent,

Try not to use it in damp environment, and pay attention to waterproof and dampproof,

If wet weather is encountered, it is best to use a dry cloth for cleaning.

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