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Room furniture, ground moisture solutions

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Room furniture, ground moisture solutions

Life often involves wet conditions at home, especially in the southern part of the rainy season,

The home is the easiest to wet. What about the damp room?

What's the solution to the damp room?

1, home wet ground solution

Lime is a good way to remove moisture from the house. 1 kilograms of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kilograms of moisture in the air,

Counted as a good and simple adsorbent. Store in a cloth or sack and place lime in and out of the room,

Keep the air indoors dry. Some residents in the damp indoor burned a pot of charcoal fire or put on the stove,

To improve indoor temperature, so that water vapor can not be condensed, thereby reducing indoor humidity, is also considered a way.

However, this must pay attention to ventilation, otherwise the consequences are serious.

Many air conditioners now have a pumping function.

This method is simple and feasible, but it works slowly,

And in order to save energy, it is better to use less.

2, solid wood furniture wet solution

(1) solid wood furniture

Also easily affected by moisture, wood wet easily inflated mildew.

In this case, you might as well put a block of soap in a musty place,

Or put the dried tea residue in a gauze bag and help to eliminate mildew.

(2) rattan furniture

Moisture resistance is relatively easy, and the advantage of rattan furniture is that it is damp and dry,

It will revert to its original shape and size. So when the rattan furniture is damp,

Just don't let the knitting shape and its space change.

Desiccant dehumidification indoor space, how to keep dry and comfortable is a big problem,

Especially for furniture of different materials at home.

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