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How can the living room and kitchen stand damp proof

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How can the living room and kitchen stand damp proof

The living room floor tiles: warm brine wonders

The living room's tiled floor turns into a natural skating rink in the south,

Just slipped from the door can slide to the sofa, what should we do?

Many people choose to spread a newspaper on the ground, but after a stampede,

Newspaper dirt affects family health more. In fact,

A pot of warm salt water can solve the moisture problem of the floor.

After soaking the mop with warm salt water, wring and mop the floor. The warm brine evaporates faster than the cold water,

The floor will also dry faster, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride in the salt can absorb moisture,

Prevent water vapor condensation on the ground, water absorption will become small particles after drying,

The drying time of the floor has been extended again.

Bathroom: laundry powder effective moisture absorption

The wettest place in the family is the bathroom. Humidity is one thing at ordinary times,

Return to the south if you let the bathroom damp,

Bathroom walls will not only mildew, but also produce a bad smell.

The most common moisture proof object in the house is the moisture absorption box,

But the bathroom is not suitable for use in supermarkets to buy moisture box,

At this point, laundry detergent is a good bathroom moisture helper.

Pack the laundry powder into small bags and poke holes in the bag,

In the corner where it needs dehumidification, the washing powder will become a piece of water after it is absorbed,

It's just a waste of laundry.

Choose scented laundry detergent and make the bathroom fresh and dry.

At the same time, open the exhaust fan more. Remember to close the bathroom door when you leave the exhaust,

Try to keep the floor of the bathroom dry, sweep away the water from the ground and avoid water vapor condensation.

Kitchen: dry tea leaves can be dehumidification

The kitchen is also home to the wet hardest hit areas. The kitchen is very water intensive,

There are also residues of food, spices and other substances,

Very easy to attract cockroaches, ants, etc., in addition to soot clearance,

Moistureproof efforts have to do enough. At ordinary times, you can open a range hood or exhaust fan to remove moisture,

Any of various leaves or powders, such as soda, flour, that can absorb moisture, dried leaves, or used coffee grounds

The same effect, with a clean gauze bag or

Clean up old socks, as both dehumidification and deodorization of the desiccant bag.

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