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How do you dry your home

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How do you dry your home

Humid conditions make people feel unwell and have a variety of diseases,

For example: all kinds of arthritis, low back pain.

Deal effectively with the wet conditions in the home environment,

Not only beneficial to physical and mental health, but also increase the comfort of living,

Increase the service life of furniture and electrical appliances.

The climate is humid in summer, especially in the rainy season,

The feeling of humidity is especially strong.

Humidity often affects the use of household appliances,

For example, computers, TV sets can not open, or furniture seepage.

Clothes or food can mold easily in damp conditions.

What about the humidity at home?

First, the most direct way is to open the doors and windows and let the wind pass through the room,

Taking moisture away can not only damp the flow of moisture,

It can also freshen the air. But when you open the door and window, you have to

It's less humid when outdoors, at least drier than at home.

The sun high afternoon is a good time, temperature and ventilation can double dampness.

Second, it is also possible to use quicklime, lime, and moisture in the air

The chemical action can also damp down.

But because the lime is strong alkaline, if contact with the skin, there will be burning sensation.

In addition, a dehumidifier can also be used, which can be used by a machine

The accumulation of moisture into a liquid is always to adopt

Ventilation, ventilation, dehumidification methods, power conversion into wind,

Can be used with natural ventilation, with half the effort.

Some families will find that the damp air has corroded the walls,

Into the inside wall, on the wall wet position

Make a hole to let the air in. Moreover, the room is damp

When you can make a coat for electrical appliances, so that it does not contact moisture,

Usually can also open a lot of electrical appliances, so that electrical independent heating, dehumidification.

It is also a good choice to use wet - proof wall materials in wet wall materials

The "double forest diatom mud" is the best choice,

Because of the pore structure of diatoms, it makes harmful gases in the evolution of the atmosphere

With a certain breathing, humidity control function, not only can damp, mildew, but also to avoid drying,

At the same time alkalescent double forest diatom mud and avoid burning hand troubles,

It can be said to be the first choice for environmental protection, humidity control and mildew proof wall materials.

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