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The selection of good building materials moistureproof

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The selection of good building materials moistureproof

Wet weather is especially good at home, especially at home,

Wallpaper, tiles and other hazards are significant,

In the case of excessive humidity,

These decoration materials will be a serious problem,

Repairs may be required.

Choose building materials against humid weather

In the decoration process, the purchase of building materials is the first step in decoration.

In the choice of building materials, especially flooring, tiles and coatings and other major building materials,

In addition to considering its appearance and quality,

The waterproof and dampproof properties must also be considered.

Choose high-quality and waterproof properties of building materials,

It can effectively prevent the mildew and damp after decoration.

Choose building materials

Select building materials according to the humidity conditions

Building materials must be selected according to the construction space.

Such as a particularly wet bathroom and kitchen,

Choose anti slip bricks on the floor;

Avoid the use of boards in moist spaces;

Close to wet space metope wallpaper, choose wooden fiber wallpaper commonly.

Waterproof property of building materials should be tested

If you live in a particular area, the air will be very humid,

For example, Guangzhou region. Well, for flooring, tiles,

Wallpaper and paint these are building materials that require high water resistance,

When buying, you must test the waterproof performance.

Good decoration details, mildew change and so on

The so-called "three points materials, seven points decoration."",

Home improvement, in addition to the need to pay attention to the choice of building materials,

Decoration construction steps can not be ignored.

Only in the decoration process to do every detail,

In order to effectively prevent the decoration after mildew and so on.

Floor decoration moistureproof: leave seam, avoid too small, prevent damp, cause arching

Decoration process, many people in order to beautiful, in the shop when the floor,

The gap between the floor and the floor or between the floor and the wall is too small.

In wet weather, the floor water rises,

There are no gaps in the floor, and arches often appear.

Ceramic tile decorates moistureproof: before decorating, ceramic tile needs to immerse, avoid bibulous drop

Tiles should be soaked long enough to remove excess air before they are laid.

If the tiles do not soak enough, they will be paved immediately.

In wet season, tiles absorb too much water,

Easy to loose or fall off, konggu.

Wallpaper decoration moistureproof: metope waterproof needs to do, avoid wallpaper mildew, tilt

Some walls close to the kitchen and bathroom need to be covered with wallpaper,

Wall waterproof efforts must be done in place.

Many people think that walls outside kitchen and water need not be waterproof,

As a result of the wet attack, all the wallpaper attached to the wall is peeling,

Rugged, affecting the appearance.

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