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Ground moisture proof method

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Ground moisture proof method

1, remove the soil, mortar and other debris on the base surface,

Rebuild the bricks that have been touched,

Fully water wetting, to surface slightly dry,

Construction of dampproof layer can be carried out.

2. Apply both sides to the damp proof layer,

Guaranteed 20mm thickness.

Thickness of moistureproof layer is not allowed

To adjust the deviation of the basic elevation.

3, mortar surface with wood trowel rubbed flat,

When it starts to dry, press it (2~3 times).

Apply a little dry cement on the surface or brush a warm cement paste when applying pressure,

To further plug the mortar capillary path.

The construction of the moistureproof layer should not leave the construction seam as far as possible,

Done at a time, if necessary,

You should stay in the doorway.

4, moistureproof layer mortar after wiping,

Second days to water conservation.

20 30mm thick sand can be spread on the damp proof layer,

Cover it with a brick and water it once a day,

This can maintain a good moisture conservation environment.

Masonry walls can be built on at least 3D.

5 60mm thick moistureproof layer construction, concrete beam,

Attention should be paid to the aggregate gradation of concrete and sand content of sand and gravel,

The surface of the ring beam layer should strengthen wiping pressure,

Can also be taken to dry cement calendering,

Curing method and cement mortar damp proof layer.

6, moistureproof layer, mortar and concrete forbid to add salt,

In the absence of thermal insulation, winter construction should not be carried out.

The damp proof layer shall be checked and accepted by concealed works.

Above is the ground moistureproof method, hope to make ground to everybody

Moisture has helped a certain amount.

Floor moisture proof is an important aspect of the decoration,

We must do well, otherwise the wet ground

Will affect our decoration effect,

A good floor moisture proof can also ensure the quality of our house.

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