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Easy to use indoor moistureproof method

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Easy to use indoor moistureproof method

1 newspaper moisture absorption is economical and effective

The most economical and effective moisture absorbing is newspaper.

The old newspapers on the floor and the tiles on the Restroom,

Put two more layers in places where access is easy to wet,

It has a good moisture absorption and moisture proof effect on the room.

The newspaper is damp proof except on the ground,

For sealed items, wrap several newspapers outside,

Replacement has been damp newspaper regularly, but also can effectively damp.

But newspapers have ink,

Can not be placed on light colored walls and objects,

Otherwise it will rub color.

Moisture absorption on the ground,

Paper and printed quality newspapers are also recommended.

For cameras, lenses and other precision instruments, clothing,

Bedding, the best moisture proofing method is to do a good job sealing.

For each of the clothes, quilt,

All kinds of big and small sealed bags,

Vacuum the bag with a vacuum cleaner,

It's not going to go mouldy,

There has never been a moldy condition.

Can not fold compressed clothes,

It can be packed and sealed with a white non-woven bag.

Check regularly for a dry bag when wet".

As for all kinds of camera lens,

High-end watches and other precision instruments,

It is recommended to use professional moistureproof boxes

Good seal, properly kept.

2 calligraphy and painting moistureproof

The paintings hanging on the wall are best used

The glass frame mounts, once the glass frame is covered with water drops,

Just wipe it with newspaper or dry cloth,

It's best to pump it together at once.

For the outside of calligraphy and painting, it is recommended to use several layers of newspaper

Wrap it up and put it in a tightly sealed plastic bag.

The best way is to save it without painting

In the camphor wood box or the mahogany cabinet.

Never put it in unsealed

In a plastic or metal cabinet.

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