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What about indoor humidity?

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What about indoor humidity?

It's only a few days at home

There is not a thorough cleaning mildew,

It is white and green mold in the corner of the cupboard,

Clothes can't be dry without sunshine,

Always be on the alert for food, clothing and other items moldy

...... Faced with these worries, now introduce you to the anti mildew coup.

1, first of all to prevent moisture,

Conditional words

It is recommended to open the electric appliance regularly to remove dampness and dehumidification.

At present, dehumidification appliances and warm air machines are the main dehumidification appliances in the market,

Air freshener, etc.

In all kinds of household appliances,

The best dehumidifier is the dehumidifier,

More energy saving than air conditioning.

Use a dehumidifier to wet the room in a 20 square meter room.

Before wetting, the humidity is 97%, after 8 hours,

Humidity reached 60%, leaving 4 litres of water,

The originally sticky walls were dry.

Use the same dehumidifier in the other room

Similar effects are obtained by pumping at the same time.

Rated power of a dehumidifier compared to air conditioning

Generally in 180 watts ~280 watts, compared to air-conditioning to save a lot of energy.

2 buy hygroscopic agents, cloth bags or non-woven bags

Lime, and even washing powder, can absorb moisture.

But quicklime has some corrosive properties,

Not in direct contact with the skin.

In addition, the time of onset of moisture absorption and quicklime

It should be longer and suitable for small spaces such as toilets.

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