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How is the room damp proof?

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How is the room damp proof?

1. intermittent ventilation method

Close the doors or windows facing south or windward,

Open doors and windows only downwind,

Reduce moisture into the room.

The weather clears, open all the doors and windows,

Accelerated evaporation of water.

Outside at noon the air humidity is at its peak,

Should not open the window, should be in the afternoon or evening,

When the climate is relatively dry, the window is adjusted.

2. lime moisture absorption method

Lime is a good and simple adsorbent,

1 kilograms of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kilograms of moisture in the air,

Cloth or sacks can be used to contain quicklime

Place indoors and behind,

Keep the air indoors dry.

3. indoor warming up method

In addition the indoor burning a pot of charcoal fire

Or put on the stove,

Improve the indoor temperature,

Water vapor can not condense,

Thereby reducing indoor humidity.

This should pay attention to ventilation,

Otherwise, the consequences will be serious.

4. air conditioning extraction method

The move is feasible,

But in order to save energy, it is better to use less.

5. electrical moistureproof method

Colour TV sets are always in standby mode,

You can also use the hairdryer, often through the back of the hole

Blow up dust and moisture from top to bottom;

The washing machine is best not to put in the bathroom

Where the moisture density is large,

The washer position should also be raised;

The air conditioner has the function of pumping moisture,

But wet days should also be irregular

Open it for a while to keep it in good shape;

Computers are especially good for damp proof,

The best way is to always boot,

It's best to start an hour a day to keep dry,

A computer that is not used frequently,

Also open the case and attach it to the inner wall

Desiccant in a few bags of food.

6. can use some damp proof objects to prevent moisture

Such as moisture absorption box, generally by calcium chloride

Particles as the main contents,

Most of the ingredients are added,

It can collect dehumidification, aroma and mildew resistance,

Deodorant and other functions in one, more for wardrobe,

Shoe box: absorbent bag, the principle is similar to hygroscopic box,

Used for sealing space, the content of water absorption resin based,

After absorption of water, it becomes jelly shaped,

Not easy to fall to pieces, can be widely used in clothing,

The moisture absorption of electric appliance is better.

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