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Warehouse floor moistureproof method

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Warehouse floor moistureproof method

1. The air is wet and a lot of things are hard to do,

Therefore, use less wet cloth,

The wet mop cleans the warehouse,

Multi use dry cloth, dry mop.

2. The moisture in the air is touching

Tiny particles condense into water,

We must keep the goods and the ground clean,

No more dust, less surface bead formation.

3, do not use film covered waterproof beads,

Because it can't be completely sealed,

There is still a lot of moisture beneath the film,

Covered with film after forming beads of water,

It is difficult to evaporate and is prone to mildew.

4. Lime is an adsorbent,

1 kilograms of raw lime can adsorb

The air is about 0.3 kilograms of water.

Rainy days can be wrapped in cloth or sacks

Place the lime in the warehouse,

Keep the air indoors dry.

5, for small warehouse can open powerful fan,

Strengthen the air convection in the storehouse and reduce the condensation of water droplets.

6 、 warehouse with exhaust fan

The fan should be switched on.

7, cartons of goods piled up can not be too dense,

Should be as loose as possible, if too tight,

Air convection is severely restricted,

Moist air is gathering for a long time

Loose, easy to produce mildew.

8. The goods must be put on the bedplate,

Can not be directly piled up,

A warehouse for a short shelf that cannot be reached for a short time,

Must be periodically piled up for contact with the ground

Moisture penetration of cargo and ground can not be volatilized,

Condense into water for a long time,

The goods outside the box will appear serious mildew.

9. Check the goods carefully when you check the goods

Sealing tape for outer case,

Moisture on the surface of the goods will occur first

Tape the tape with tiny drops of water,

Once found, employees must be organized

Wiping and other dehumidification measures.

11. Humidity observation should be carried out outside the storehouse,

When the moisture in the storehouse is high, the humidity outside the storehouse is outside

15 degrees above, should open the ventilation window in time,

Ventilation tank, ventilation ventilation,

Instead, close the warehouse.

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