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What are the moistureproof measures in the basement?

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Basement is a special space, the lower part of the closer to groundwater is also more humid, and perennial invisible sunshine, many owners for the basement wet and worried. If it is a garage, the impact may be small, but some of the city's basement may be inhabited, too wet can cause some diseases of the basement damp? What are the methods of moistureproof in the basement?

What are the moistureproof measures in the basement?

1. the construction method of moisture-proof treatment is usually on the exterior surface of basement wall with 20mm thick 1: 2 waterproof mortar. the basement wall shall be constructed with cement mortar, the ash joint must be full, and two wall horizontal level course shall be set up in basement floor and floor of the basement, and the outer periphery of basement wall shall be backfilled and tamped with poor water permeability soil layer.

2. special moisture-proof material shall be used for moisture-proof of basement floor and wall. It can react with the cement to produce a tight 20 - 30 mm moistureproof layer course, which is fully integrated into the cement structure, which enables small molecules of gas to pass through, that is, to ensure the breathing of the cement, and to effectively prevent water molecules from passing through. So its moistureproof layer course is permanent.

3. in order to prevent the damage of the keel and wiring duct in the decoration of the waterproof layer, it is recommended to isolate the wall new brick wall which needs to be slotted or install the keel, and to pour certain thickness of the ground.

4. strengthening the air circulation to moisture-proof is helpful, and can effectively reduce the indoor tidal content. Therefore, in the renovation of the basement, it is best to add ventilation equipment, conditional can add several additional skylights to ventilate.

5. if you touch the plum rain weather, the outdoor air humidity is relatively high, it is not suitable for long time ventilation, and can choose the suction blower, air conditioning or dehumidifier machine for indoor dehumidification.

6. hang some strong desiccant in the basement, such as activated carbon package. Can also be in some relatively easy wet corners and on the ground sprinkle some drier, can ba the moth ball and the active carbon powder to sprinkle over there in addition to, but must change the desiccant every other time.

7. check whether there are cracks or damp spots on the basement wall or ground, if there is cracks and easy wet aging place, it is best to shovel the aging wall easily, and the area of the shovel is slightly wider than the aging area, and then brush the sealing paint again.

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