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How to quickly dehumidify wet moisture at workshop, what method or professional equipment?

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How to quickly dehumidification the production workshop, what method or professional equipment?

Summer production workshop, easy wet, ground sweat, relative humidity up to 8 % 90 %, production equipment surface will produce a thin layer, the damage of equipment oxidation is great, affect the stable operation of the equipment in the workshop.

In order to better protect the various equipment in the workshop, the protection of production products is not damp, need to use Dehumidifier, to control the relative humidity of the environment around 60 %.

How is the moisture in the production workshop? Summer temperature is relatively high, moisture is easy to evaporate, the relative humidity in the air is not high, but the absolute humidity is very large.

When the outdoor high temperature air enters the room, the heat in the air is sucked away when the surface wall or the thermal conductor, such as the equipment is located, is encountered. When the air temperature reaches below the dew point, condensation occurs, which is the source of moisture in the workshop.

There are two main reasons of the wet workshop, one is the high humidity in the air, and the other is the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor.

How to solve the indoor humidity in the production workshop?

The most direct way is to use the dehumidifier to remove water from the air, and control the absolute moisture content of the air in the workshop, so that even if there is cold heat transfer, there is no moisture condensation.

The principle of cooling condensation is that this kind of refrigeration system uses professional refrigeration system such as compressor to reduce the air temperature to less than 0 degrees, suck the moisture content in the air, and make the air dry.

The dehumidifier can also be controlled by microcomputer control system to control the indoor humidity accurately.

For the dehumidification of the production workshop, the user needs to configure the appropriate type and quantity of dehumidifier according to the space of the site and the actual conditions of the room, so that the total dehumidification dehumidification of the dehumidifier meets the requirements of indoor dehumidification.

Let all kinds of equipment and production products in the workshop away from the damp and various safety hazards caused by dampness, reduce unnecessary economic losses for enterprises, and ensure the safe and orderly production activities of enterprises.

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