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Dehumidification principle of freezer

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Dehumidification principle of freezer

May I ask which master to explain how the dehumidification function of the freezer can be best? For example, the cold storage of minus 20 degrees, how to dump the inventory?

The principle of dehumidification in the cold store is that the steam in the air reaches the dew point temperature, and the boiling point of water is 100 degrees into steam.

Similarly, the steam cools down to a certain temperature and becomes water.

For example, the beverage from the refrigerator, the appearance soon there is water droplets. The lower the temperature, the lower the dew point temperature, if in the low temperature environment, want more ideal dehumidification, you must heat the air.

Can consider the dehumidifier, reduce the air humidity

The objects in cold storage need to be dried and dried at low temperature. Dehumidification at room temperature, easy to deformation. In order to avoid this, the cold storage, there is a good way.

The air flow through the evaporator air temperature, then through the evaporator, into dehumidification mode, the temperature rise, stop heating, air into refrigeration mode.

Just a personal idea, not realistic. It is better to buy a dehumidifier to put it in the library.

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