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Museum damp proof

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Museum damp proof

High temperature fire protection design

Adopt three layers of thick steel and foam fireproof joint

Gold carbon sand protection, in high temperature cabinet

Do not produce high temperature, special patented pipeline

The embedded structure design, not into the flame spread.

Two moisture proof and mildew proof design

Microcomputer digital dehumidification design,

Temperature and humidity digital screen switching,

Humidity at 20%RH-60%RH can be adjusted in nine stages,

And there are three LED display lights,

Display moisture absorption status.

Three, anti-theft, anti prizing design

Design of cabinet with high hardness,

Multi channel anti-theft password lock settings,

Crack difficult, thick steel door bolt is not easy to weld;

Non dehumidification card DIY design.

Four 、 magnetic isolation antistatic design

Thick steel magnetic separation and dehumidification mainframe

Special anti-static design.

Five 、 high safety design of main engine

The main circuit adopts power saving circuit and power fail memory device,

Safety does not get damp, water and heating.

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