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Basement moistureproof method

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Basement moistureproof method

1 moisture resistant material

The basement is very damp,

So pay special attention to the decoration,

Wallpaper and glazed tiles are to be used

And so on moistureproof effect quite good decoration material,

In addition, basement ceiling, floor,

Walls should be the best waterproof treatment.

2 ventilation moistureproof

Strengthening air circulation is useful for moistureproof,

Can effectively reduce indoor moisture content.

3 electric dehumidification

If it meets the rainy weather,

The outdoor air humidity is higher,

That's not for long periods of ventilation,

Exhaust fan and air conditioner can be used

Or dehumidifier and other machines for indoor dehumidification.

4 desiccant dehumidification

In addition to the use of electrical dehumidification,

Can also be placed more, there is moisture

Dehumidification effects of small items,

Such as desiccant, charcoal bag, indoor prevention

Tide, but desiccant usually needs to be replaced frequently.

5 floor heating moistureproof

Floor heating allows basement room

Keep at a certain temperature

The temperature keeps the room dry and damp,

But pay attention to the temperature, not too high

Otherwise it will cause too much dry indoors,

It's uncomfortable to stay.

You can put more in the basement

Moistureproof and dehumidifying small articles,

No, the basement is too damp,

Affect your health.

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