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how do we normally use and maintain the dehumidifier

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The function of the dehumidifier is to remove excessive moisture in the air. In the wet season, the use frequency of the dehumidifier is higher, so the dehumidifier is a seasonal strong household electric appliance.

When we are in use, we need to use the operation according to its operation requirements, and pay attention to the maintenance in place, can greatly reduce the incidence of the fault of the dehumidifier, so as to prolong its service life.

So, how do we normally use and maintain the dehumidifier, what should we pay attention to?

I correct the setting humidity of the dehumidifier

Correct the humidity of the dehumidifier is the premise of the good dehumidifier. In the use of the dehumidifier, from the actual situation, mainly refer to our own feeling of indoor air humidity and the number of rooms, room size and other conditions to set the humidity of the dehumidifier.

In general, when we are resting or sleeping, or when the amount of activity is less, the humidity in the room is set at around 60 % RH, so that we will feel more comfortable.

If the set humidity is too low, it will make us feel dry.

In addition, the room inside and outside the humidity difference will be very large, the moisture quickly dispersed, the dehumidifier compressor will be very frequent in the state of the boot and shutdown, will make the life of the dehumidifier shorter, and charge much electricity.

2, keep the dehumidifier clean

Regularly to clean the dehumidifier, the use of a dehumidifier for a period of time to remove the filter to clean, the outdoor unit heat sink clean, this can not only effectively improve the dust removal function of the dehumidifier, but also can effectively improve the dehumidifier heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer efficiency, so the work efficiency of dehumidifier will be greatly improved.

Iii. regularly let the dehumidifier professionals to check the dehumidifier

When the captain time is used, its internal wiring and components within the unit will have some damage, their varying degrees of aging, the dehumidifier itself and our human body damage, if we regularly check, professionals to replace the aging components, so that it maintains a good state.

In short, although home dehumidifier is compared with the huge industrial Dehumidifier, the function is simple and thin, but its core components and principle is different, it is also the high degree of automation of mechanical and electrical integration equipment, can not be separated from our usual careful maintenance.

Of course, the user also don't have to worry too much, home dehumidifier's technology is very mature, the durability of all parts is reliable, we have to operate correctly, proper maintenance, to maintain normal service life is completely no problem.

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