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Dehumidification of basement distribution room use Wuhan basement dehumidifier

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Dehumidification of continuous rainstorm basement distribution room of Wuhan basement dehumidifier

In recent days Wuhan continuous rainstorm, led to the basement is very damp, serious water. Therefore, Wuhan basement dehumidifier factory, will supply professional moistureproof Dehumidifier, it can adjust the basement humidity.

Now life can not leave the electricity, the basement is built in the distribution room, the safety of the basement distribution room is very important, wet will cause the equipment to rust, or even short circuit, resulting in electricity or, the damage is extremely serious.

We should take a positive approach, the average desiccant effect is poor, only the modern dehumidifier can solve this problem.

Wuhan basement Dehumidifier factory,

What are the use of the dehumidifier?

The dehumidifier is placed in the air circulation place, avoid lying in the dead angle, resulting in a short circuit, can not achieve the dehumidification effect.

1. since the dehumidifier is controlled by microcomputer, the humidity sensor is a precision instrument, so it will fail in the strong decayed gas.

2. the use of Dehumidifier shall be on a firm and flat ground, and shall also avoid machine shaking production noise when used.

3. when using Dehumidifier, must have special power supply, and pay attention to see that the voltage of the power is not consistent with the machine, do not use the same socket with other electrical appliances.

4. use Dehumidifier not to place it at the side of the heat source to avoid adding its electrical energy.

5. the temperature shall not be higher than 38 degrees. If necessary, to order high temperature dehumidifier.

6. when moving or handling Dehumidifier, the tipping angle of the machine cannot exceed 45 degrees.

7. because the dehumidifier has no explosion-proof effect, do not use in the environment such as flammable and explosive gas, dust, chemical products, biological products and so on. If necessary, the factory building explosion-proof dehumidifier.

8. when using the dehumidifier, observe that the space of the four weeks shall not be less than 50cm.

9. when applying continuous drainage, accurately dispose the assembly of the drain external hose.

10. since the structure of the dehumidifier and the air conditioning are different, the temperature must rise slightly when the Dehumidifier is used in the narrow room.

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