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Wuhan basement dehumidifier

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Wuhan basement dehumidifier

In order to adapt to the development of modern society, basement development is more and more extensive.

Basement, underground tunnel, underground mall, and other underground municipal facilities, the number and size of underground engineering construction, rapid growth.

However, the annual rainfall climate, the humidity of the basement is often more than 95 %.

Because of the general ventilation in the basement is not smooth, stored in the basement of the items, easy to mildew.

Using industrial Dehumidifier, can quickly reduce the relative humidity in the environment air, and strictly control the humidity in the most appropriate range, maintain a relatively dry environment!

When the Dehumidifier equipment is placed in the warehouse, there is no need to worry about occupying the warehouse space, and will not hinder the warehouse handling.

To solve the wet damage of the basement, it is not difficult at the high speed of science and technology.

Basement dehumidifier is a new product designed for the poor ventilation performance of the basement.

This product dispel wet ability strong, ensure the underground feel well, the article is not humid, let people feel relaxed.

In the production of modern enterprises, there are very strict requirements for environmental humidity. The humidity control in the production process is the key to improve the product quality and reduce the scrap rate.

If the production environment humidity is too large, too wet, the product is easy to absorb moisture in the process of production and storage, product moisture, mildew, deterioration, rotten, production products not meet the standard, seriously affect the quality and shelf life of the products.

Using the dehumidifier to realize the accurate control of humidity, solve the wet problem, this is a simple and effective method.

In recent years, the dehumidifier is more and more widely used in industrial production.

Automation, intelligent, environmental protection, energy saving, dehumidification strong, stable and reliable air dehumidification, improve the better environment of choice.

Under the eaves, pay attention to the dehumidifier. European well, OJ - 900 et Wuhan basement dehumidifier

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