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Wardrobe wet, mildew, how to do

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Wardrobe wet, mildew, how to do?

Friends in the south,

Furniture moistureproof mildew can be described as

Have a headache.

Such as wardrobe, if you do not pay attention to maintenance,

It's easy to mold the wardrobe.

Wardrobe how mildew proofing it?

1. Keep ventilation and air.

Moldy cabinet reasons

Damp, but not ventilated, dry,

Usually we have to open it

Cabinets, doors and windows are expected to be indoor,

Keep the room air and ventilate,

It's good for the room to be dry and refreshing,

Cabinets are not susceptible to moisture or mildew

If it rains, wet weather

Don't open the cabinet as much as possible,

Close doors and windows to keep out of doors

Moist air enters the room,

Prevent items from cabinets and cabinets

Damp and mildew.

2, wardrobe away from the water.

Don't keep your wardrobe close to the wall,

Need to keep a certain distance.

Put one in the wardrobe

Something, such as a desiccant, that does away with moisture,

Prevent moisture from wardrobe.

3, wet air, easy to make clothes

Cabinets moldy, we can stay at home

Put some lime in it,

Not only can effectively prevent moisture,

And it has antiseptic effect.

If the moisture in the wardrobe is too heavy,

You can put it in the wardrobe

A tungsten filament bulb that opens when wet,

Can effectively reduce wardrobe

Keep the wardrobe dry.

4. Clothes should be dried.

Clothes should be dried to reduce the chance of mildew,

At the same time, the wardrobe should be dry.

5, foreshadowing newspaper. Newspaper pair

Dehumidification is very good, especially in use

The wardrobe is mildew proof and damp resistant, in the wardrobe

The bottom is covered with newspaper, even in the wardrobe

The newspaper is also attached to the inside of the door,

Newspapers absorb moisture and mould,

Ink can also be worm repellent,

The newspaper is damp proof and mildew proof in the wardrobe

The role can not be underestimated.

6, put the desiccant, anti mildew objects.

Placing desiccant in the box is mildew proof

A good way,

You can absorb the moisture in the air inside the cabinet,

Keep the cabinet dry,

Keep the cabinet dry,

To achieve moisture, mildew proof effect.

Those who like tea can also

Dry tea leaves are spread into cloth bags and scattered everywhere,

Not only to remove mildew, but also to clothing

Emitting faint scent; boiled coffee left

Coffee grounds also have dual effects of moisture absorption and deodorization.

Dry the coffee grounds and place them in clean yarn

Tie the bag or old socks, becomes

Simple dehumidifier bag.

In addition, there are bamboo charcoal bags and so on

Moisture proof and mildew proof small things are suitable

Put it in the wardrobe,

Camphor ball is also a choice among many people,

But the camphor pill smells like that on the baby,

Fetal health is not good, should pay attention to safety when using.

Wardrobe moldy how to deal with?

Brush with a dry brush first,

Dry paper towels wipe him clean,

To remove mildew.

After cleaning, brush the varnish over,

This can effectively prevent further mold

You can also use the rainforest for brushing.

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