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How to damp clothes

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How to damp clothes?

1. Clothes should be dried.

If the clothes aren't dry enough,

It's moldy in the cupboard,

Mildew and mildew stained the clothes,

Soiled the clothes and even damaged them,

The main reason is that the wardrobe is damp

It's moldy,

So we have to solve it first

Clothes must be dried,

The clothes were completely dried before they were put into the wardrobe,

Reduce the chance of mildew.

2, foreshadowing newspaper.

Newspaper dehumidification works very well,

Especially for mildew proofing and moisture proofing in the wardrobe,

Put a newspaper at the bottom of the wardrobe,

Even stick it on the inside of the wardrobe door

Newspapers do, too. Newspapers can resist moisture and mould,

Ink can also be worm repellent,

3, put the desiccant, anti mildew objects.

Placing boxed desiccant is also anti mildew

A good way to do it,

Wardrobe moldy due to moisture caused,

Put desiccant in the closet

You can absorb the moisture in the air inside the cabinet,

Keep the cabinet dry,

Keep the cabinet dry,

Easy to achieve moisture, mildew proof effect.

2 can dry tea into gauze bag,

Being scattered everywhere will not only remove mildew,

You can also let clothes emit bursts of fragrance;

The coffee residue is the same as the coffee left

Double effect of moisture absorption and deodorization.

The coffee grounds are kept clean after sun drying

The gauze bag or old socks,

It's a simple dehumidifier.

Bamboo charcoal bag is used for moisture-proof and mildew proof

Camphor balls can also be damp proof and mildew proof

But the camphor pill smells like that on the baby,

Poor fetal health,

Use should pay attention to good protection.

Wardrobe moldy how to deal with?

1. Clean the musty wardrobe

Clean up the mildew first,

Can be wiped off with a dry paper towel

Or brush with a dry brush,

2. Brush the varnish over the wardrobe,

Can prevent mildew effectively.

Mildew is mostly caused by paint problems,

We can also use the rainforest.

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