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Wardrobe moistureproof mildew what coup

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Wardrobe moistureproof mildew what coup?

For the south,

Furniture is difficult to damp and mould,

Such as wardrobe, if you do not pay attention to maintenance,

It's easy to mold the wardrobe.

Wardrobe how mildew proofing it?

Dampproof and mildew proof measures for wardrobe

1. Keep ventilation and air.

One reason for the moldy cabinet is moisture

Rapid ventilation drying,

We should pay attention to open it

Cabinets, doors and windows are expected to be indoor,

Keep the room air and ventilate,

This will help the room stay dry and refreshing,

At the same time, cabinets are not susceptible to damp mildew,

Pay attention to the weather,

If it rains, wet weather,

Don't open the cupboard,

Close the doors and windows,

Refuse moisture from the outside air

Enter the home, prevent cabinets

And the things in the cabinet are affected with damp and mildew.

2, wardrobe away from the water.

Another reason for moldy cabinets

Because the wall behind the cabinet is damp,

The other side of the wall is water or kitchen,

A damp area, such as a toilet,

In this case, the wardrobe is always moldy,

We can put it in the wardrobe

Something, such as a desiccant, that does away with moisture,

Prevent moisture from wardrobe.

3, air humidity, wardrobe moldy,

You can put some lime in your house,

Can effectively prevent moisture,

And it has antiseptic effects.

If the humidity of the wardrobe is too heavy,

You can put a tungsten filament bulb in your wardrobe,

Turn on when it's wet,

Can effectively reduce the moisture in the wardrobe,

Keep your wardrobe dry.

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