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Daily use notes of villa dehumidifier

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Daily use notes of villa dehumidifier

1. when using the villa Dehumidifier, it shall be used with the best effect in the well sealed place, such as doors and windows shall be closed, and no water vapour generation apparatus indoors. Because the villa dehumidifier is used in the air circulation principle for dehumidification and moisture - proof, if the sealing is not good, will affect the dehumidification effect of the villa dehumidifier, extend the work time of the villa dehumidifier, increase energy consumption.

2. when the villa dehumidifier is placed, place it in the air circulation area, so as to avoid the dehumidification effect of ventilation which is not accessible and inaccessible at dead ends. It is best to keep the space of more than 50cm around the villa del mare dehumidifier.

Summary: through the above understanding, we already know the necessity of villa moistureproof, also know that the villa moistureproof humidifier is the best method.

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