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Wet, rainy weather, high incidence of childhood eczema, parents what should I do

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Wet, rainy weather, high incidence of childhood eczema, parents what should I do

It's going to rain and I can't stop it. In addition to rain or rain, the weather will continue in the south. Back to South Heaven is a high incidence of eczema, you know?

A friend's child has eczema for 6 months. Bao Baogang began to have small red pimples on his face and small ass, and his friends didn't manage it.

But then gradually increased, and developed to the limbs, small red papules into small blisters.

Very itchy, baby old scratch, and finally the small blister scratch, the wound has exudate and erosion, but also infected other places.

Friends took the child through the hospital, and the baby because of itching, irritability, crying at night.

Adults and children don't have a good rest.

Bored and distressed children, friends say that the body and mind are tired.

Back to the South sky humid weather, a variety of fungi, mites and other microbial reproduction most rampant, fungal growth rate, easily lead to fungal infection.

Among them, infants and young children with eczema most common. Eczema on the baby's health impact, and local itching, often make the baby restless, crying more than, difficult to sleep.

Therefore, we must actively carry out prevention and control.

Eczema has serious, mild, slow, relatively severe eczema, what should I do? I need to see a doctor! Don't cook at home!

Doctors may use the following methods:

Hormone drug. Doctors may use baby coated creams containing hormone creams. Do not be afraid, a little external hormone, side effects are not high, but can let the baby's eczema quickly


Antiallergic drug. The doctor may also give the baby some anti allergy drugs or other anti allergic drugs, such as vitamin C and so on. Antibiotic。

If you have a skin infection at the same time, the doctor may use antibiotics for your baby.

This time, please don't say "such a small baby, I don't want to use antibiotics, sustained a large area of skin infection, the home also block not to let the doctor to cure it, don't consume

Baby's life.

The above is a more serious treatment of eczema.

What should I do with the lighter eczema? Well, pay attention to the following points:

Never catch, the more you catch, the harder you catch. You can wear a small glove for your baby. Newborn baby can also pack well, do not let small hands catch. Eased

Sensitive source.

If you have just added food, or just started using new clothes, then consider whether the baby is allergic to these new things, and remove them all.

Moisture retention! There are many kinds of Baby Eczema Creams on the market.

Optimistic about the ingredients, no hormone that can be bought to use.

In particular, more water seepage baby eczema, but also to keep the skin moist, so that the baby's skin has the opportunity to recover it yourself.

The front two are routine from the baby. Third points to focus: eczema must be moisturizing!

The more serious the eczema, the more moisturizing.

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