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Diet is important for eczema

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Diet is important for eczema

As we all know, the internal cause eczema, in addition to physical factors, improper diet or eating too fishy food may cause eczema.

So the majority of users can choose eczema diet, dampness heat effect ingredients.

For example, coix seed, buckwheat, mung bean; or Vegetable & Fruit categories, such as towel gourd, wax gourd, bamboo shoots, such as yam can heat the water.

Try to stay clear of the food flavoring principle. Should avoid eating seafood, chili, mustard, onions, garlic, wine and other spicy food, baked deep fried.

In addition, regular life, to ensure that 7-8 hours a day sleep. Avoid staying up late.

Make sure you take 30-60 minutes of nap under the condition of permission.

Don't eat chili, fish, shrimp, crab or strong tea, coffee or wine.

Keep your bowels open.

An application that reduces the use of steroids.

Choose clothing cotton products.

Exercise and keep a good mood.

Try to avoid mental stress and overwork.

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