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How to damp proof

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How to damp proof

1, close the doors and windows, do not let the outside heating into the room

As we know the principle of returning to South Heaven, we must take corresponding measures.

First of all, we have to close the doors and windows, to prevent the outside moist warm air into the room, reducing indoor moisture, a great extent can reduce back to the southern sky.

Many friends do not know this. As soon as one sees the damp in the house, opens the door and window to ventilate, the result becomes more and more wet, and even can see the water running on the floor.

2, blowing north wind

Turn the doors and windows open while the north wind is blowing. Back to the southern sky, more than 80% because of cold air down south and disappeared.

If the weather forecast says that if there is cold air coming down south, the local wind will turn north, and then the doors and windows can be opened and ventilated.

3. Use desiccant

Go to the supermarket and see the drier for returning south. Many desiccant also add a variety of flavor. Choose a desiccant that you like, and place it in a suitable place for the room.

4 lime moisture absorption

Bathrooms, bathrooms, and other small spaces may as well be wrapped in a bag of quicklime to absorb moisture.

You can also poke a bag of laundry powder into several holes and use washing powder to absorb moisture. And it can be used again. It's economical.

5 use air conditioning or dehumidifier to take out the moisture of the room

If the humidity is more serious, it is suggested that the dehumidifier be used to remove the moisture from the room, so as to relieve the moisture regain.

The use of air conditioning can also be wet, but there is no dehumidifier, the effect is good, while using the feeling of cold, summer nothing, but not suitable for spring, February and March.

6. Light candles

A candle can prevent water vapor from condensing and reduce indoor humidity.

If the mildew has appeared in the home, may wish to use with natural plant essential oil candle.

Such candles can dry the air and remove musty odor from the room.

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