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How do you get rid of dampness in humid weather

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How do you get rid of dampness in humid weather

Back in the south, it usually appears in the spring of February and March. The main reason is that the cold air is leaving,

Warm moist currents rise rapidly, causing temperatures to rise again.

As a result, the humidity in the air increases, and some of the cold surfaces of the original body meet the warm and humid air,

These cold objects absorb heat and reduce the ambient temperature, causing condensation

Drop of water.

The phenomenon of returning south to the sky is more serious in the south, which is related to the humidity of the air in the South and the sea.

When returning to the South sky, the air humidity is close to saturation, the walls and even the ground will "water", everywhere is wet scene.

The air seems to wring out the water. And thick fog, then

It is the most characteristic image of "going back to the South".

When returning to South Heaven, how can the clothes of the balcony dry?

1. Wash your clothes and throw them away. If you can't do it, you must do your best to wring it. Then fold it up and wrap it up with a towel,

Then put it in the freezer freezer and freeze for 7 or 8 small

After, take out, unfold and hang out on the outside or on the balcony.

This clothes dry quickly, and there will be no mildew, smell.

2. Use clean large black garbage bags, or breathable black cotton cloth, cut to cover the size of the laundry,

Just put it in a clip and hang it in a light and airy place


Black can absorb heat and ultraviolet ray, and have bactericidal function, and won't appear to cover bad situation, dry faster than natural drying

It is especially suitable for airing clothes in rainy days.

3, the wire racks at both ends of the 1/3 bend forward, the clothes hanger becomes three-dimensional.

Drying clothes, front and back will not stick together, the clothes inside ventilation, can greatly shorten the drying time,

Rainy days, airing clothes, you can quickly dry.

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