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How does wet weather grow eczema to do

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How does wet weather grow eczema to do

Warm water bath, eczema, do not go to clean products.

For products, such as Tao skin, Shu min cream.

Keep dry, with talcum powder, wear cotton clothes, don't cover.

Hello, it's hot in summer. You should avoid sun exposure. Try not to go out at noon.

If you need to go out, you can use the sun umbrella.

The weather is humid in summer, the living environment should be ventilated, and keep clean.

Eat barley, lentils, yam, ginger and other food jianpiqushi.

How do you get away from eczema in wet weather?

Hello, there are many factors that cause eczema, such as wet, hot, cold and daylight,

Microorganisms, wool, drugs, soap, dust, etc.

And food is more common cause of disease. Milk, eggs,

Fish and other essential nutrients are likely to cause allergic reactions.

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